Supplier Pvc Foam Board

Terang Mandiri is an importer, producer, distributor and supplier company that is engaged in procurement and sales in large and small quantities. with a very strategic location in central Jakarta makes us feel able to compete and be trusted both in terms of price and quality, domiciled at the Jayakarta Plaza Building 1st Floor No. 2018, Jl. Labu 1 behind the Jayakarta Hotel, Glodok, West Jakarta, which is the center / center in the industrial world, technical equipment, spare parts, and other equipment that can help and support all the needs of large, medium-sized industrial companies as well as home industries, product qualifications of the type of industrial rubber, Material Safety, Material Advertising, Material Panel insulation and packaging wrapp, Our superior products are advertising materials and industrial rubber, for example; in advertising materials, the best-selling products such as PVC board, polyfoam, foamboard, acrylic, impraboard, gravoply / engraving plates, and others with good quality on the market. Rubber products such as rubber fender guards and rubber fender loading docks that we produce are able to provide time efficiency, material safety (speed bumps, mirrors, road studes and corner guards, etc ...) and rubber extruder lists (aluminum profile rubber lists and furniture) . earning trust from quality products is what allows us to continue to contribute and develop.


Apa itu PVC Foam Board ? 

Merupakan material pengganti multiplek yang memiliki ciri di kedua sisi permukaan yang keras namun licin dan permukaan yang halus, namun pada bagian tengah nya material foam sehingga bobot nya menjadi ringan. 


Aplikasi PVC Foam Board

Karena material dasar nya foam, dan permukaan nya halus dan licin maka pvc foam board ini dapat digunakan untuk media promosi, media advertising, interior design minimalis, dan kerajinan tangan. 


Apa itu Impraboard ? 

Impraboard merupakan material plastik yang berongga yang memilki berbagai macam ukuran, berbeda dengan pvc foam board, pp board atau lembaran impraboard ini memiliki fungsi untuk media iklan.